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Find Them All: Dinosaur (Full)

5.99 usd

** Full version - a free version with in-app purchases is also available **** This app is fully translated in: English - French - German - Spanish - Russian - Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese - Korean - Japanese **
The same collection that brought you our "Find them all: looking for animals" game has a new addition: the long-awaited world of dinosaurs!
** Lots of activities to learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals **
- Search for dinosaurs in their habitat and win animated cards.- Take photos and listen to information about your favourite animals.- Find all the dinosaurs before nightfall...or use a torch to find them in the dark.- Make jigsaws from your photos (4, 6, 12, 24, 42 pieces).- Play a photo quiz and try to win new snaps for your album.- Find the cameraman and he’ll show you a video!
You can even print your cards and photos from the albums!
** "Find them all" collection features **
- Game for CHILDREN AGED BETWEEN 2 AND 8 - no advertising and parental control- Spoken assistance and instructions (French, English, Spanish, German).- Introduction to languages: the animal names are available in four languages.- Each round is different (different settings, animals and positions in every round).- Album printing function.